Fried motherboard


Feb 16, 2012
Hello,yesterday i was try to conect front panel sound card and when i finish it i start pc and something smell near where it splited on motherboard and i see little yellow fire
i turned pc off fast and after 15 i try to start pc
PC work but monitor black screen and blinking diode on it diode work on motherboard
sorry for bad english

See, actually all we know is you saw a 'Yellow Little fire' where, in which part, was it just a reflection from somewhere else or some other part on the mobo we don't know.
So it would not be right to tell you to buy a new mobo or a new anything else. But since english is a problem for you, it would also take us a lot of time to get the point across to you or you to us.
What I can suggest is, remove the graphics card and connect the monitor to the onboard VGA output and try to switch it on. but your mobo doesn't have an onboard VGA, so that option is out.
You could try using another GPU if you have an older one lying about to see if the rig works.
But it's a risk...... might spoil a perfectly good GPU.
If you could post pics of the areas where you saw the spark (yellow Fire) on the mobo top view and bottom view , we could help you out a little more.
Yup, your boards gone..... you need a new mobo..... salvage operations not going to go too well.
I could tell you looking at the state of the board, that if you took it to a very skilled technician, who was good at soldering , he could manage to bypass the short that is being caused by the CU strip heating over and out of the board.
Not too difficult.
You're very lucky that the whole rig didn't catch fire... looking at all the dust and fiber content in the rig.... it is in one big hell of a mess..... you had better start cleaning the new rig you get pretty much every month.... or one day, you could end up burning up the neighborhood.