Funky Temperture(s) ? involves [TMPIN0]


Dec 25, 2009
I just got my computer back, ran Crysis on some load for 30 minutes, when I got back on desktop I had a list of programs that I had to install such as the HWMonitor included. I'm sort of familiar with temperture but not that great when it comes to picking out heat issue's. From what I read most users TMPIN0 is recognized as their mobo/cpu. I found it quick high actually which caught my attension. So this was all yesturday, and now I notice the high temperture even without load so im wondering whats going on.


TMPIN0 == 102C----78C----103C
TMPIN1 == 48C------35C-----48C
TMPIN2 == 21C------19C-----26C

Core 1 --- 37C-----36C------40C
Core 2 --- 35C-----34C------38C
Core 3 --- 40C-----38C------44C
Core 4 --- 32C-----30C------37C

GPU CORE 54C----43C------54C

These are idle tempertures.

Would I have to use my BIOS to figure out what my TMPIN0 is? So this is something I should worry about and refute from adding any load on the computer ?


Jun 10, 2005
umm not really, if you have bsods during intense workloads then yes

currently, no... unless you know how to solder, or want to replace some perfectly good hardware just for a new 25 cent sensor

if you got steady nerves and finger:

just to check, touch the cpu heatsink and the gpu heatsink when it is running (not the fan lol) and check to see if it even feels burning, i can bet that at 100C it will burn ur finger and then you will know something is off

but by 100 C chips should be throttling, if not dying and releasing the magic blue smoke of electronics