Gainward gtx 750 ti won’t detect in new motherboard

Aug 23, 2018
Hi.. recently I had a upgrade in motherboards (p7h55 m-lx)to(Lenovo think centre m91p mobo) the old motherboard was running the lastest bios but I’m not sure about my new mobo. The problem is my graphics (gainward gtx 750 ti) won’t get detected in my new motherboard. I’m 100% sure it’s working cause it’s working in my old board. In the new one all that happens is I boot up my pc using the gpu vga and the pc only used Intergrated graphics.... so I go to device manager and my gpu won’t show up. The fans spinning on the gpu but my pc won’t detect it. Please help my cpu is a major upgrade (Xeon x3430) to (intel i5 2500) by the way I’m not that new to computers I know about bios, uefi, overclocking, drivers and all that but I’m scratching my head wondering why it won’t work. And also by the way the socket on the old board is lga 1156 and the new one is lga 1155