[SOLVED] Games freeze and crash

Aug 30, 2019
In july, GTAV froze my computer with a buzzing sound. I manage to get this message when i relaunched it "unable to initialize directx 9" . I reinstaled windows 10, nothing changed. I abandoned the issue because I started playing WorldOfWarship, which worked fine. Today I installed rainbow six siege and after 10-15 minutes of playing I got the same crash. when i tried to launch it again it said "Your graphics card does not support DirectX 11 features".

I have an ASUS ROG GL503VD with a 4GB gtx 1050 TI. I tried to find a solution online but nothing,

I did the folowing :

1. Reinstaling windows 10 again

2. Checked my GPU temperature, Updated the driver

3. Prayed to Gaming god

4. Waited for the problem to fix on its own

I still have a waranty on the product, but i really dont want to wait to weeks for them to send it back and say that it has no problem.

Im not good with PC stuff. Maybe you guys are, so this is a last cry for help.

Any tip will be helpfull.)))