Oct 25, 2012
Hello. I am in need of a gaming laptop. I already have a nice desktop PC that i built so don't tell me to build one. I need on for portability too! I want to at least be able to play Diablo 3, Dark Souls, Black Light retribution, and BF3. At least MED settings around 40FPS. I don't really care what brands however my budget is 1000$ and a back-lit keyboard would be greatly appreciated. I would also like a minimum 15.6 inch screen and 8gb of ram. Thank you anyone for your help.
You could order a Sager brand laptop. They make some good ones. Alternatively, there are the ASUS G55's, but they usually start around $1200-$1300. There are also some nicer Sagers with better video cards for that price as well. I would particularly suggest the last link for the $1199 Sager. It has a GTX670M and several free upgrades for the holidays.

Just over $1000:

Between $1200-$1300: