News Geekbench 5 Shows Mobile Intel Alder Lake CPU Crushing AMD's Ryzen 9 5980HX


Oct 12, 2017

With how amd's also acted since 12th gen launched i fully expect Zen4 to crush 12th gen too (especially with how the gap between zen 1 to 2, and 2 to 3 were)

If Zen3 refresh with the 3D stacked cache really does provide that 10-15% performance boost, then that alone will be enough to beat Alder Lake. Zen4 being a fully generation that will probably show up in the first half of 2022 for Ryzen, there is little doubt that AMD will have the better products from top to mid-range(since AMD doesn't have any low end products right now). Zen4 might bring back low-end chips to the AMD lineup, but that isn't known right now.


Sep 17, 2020
Divide that multithread score by threads and compare with Ryzen. One will get exactly the same result. But single thread score is obviously higher. What is TDP, PL of this processor?
In real world use there would be no visible difference I guess. Cooling, temp, battery time is soo dependant on laptop vendor but from my (subjective naturally) perspective, Intel does better in these areas.

I don't like words like "crush" in headlines. That's the reason I shifted to paywalled news sites.
"crush" is what Zen 1 did to Bulldozer/Godavari (+40% at a lower power envelope). "Crush" is what 2nd-gen Core i did to everybody else when it came out.
This is a generational improvement : 10-25% more performance with an undisclosed power budget and 20% more threads? It's not "crushing" it's "leapfrogging".
Like others said, when AMD gets Zen 3D out, they will have similar peak performance at a lower power usage on a technically 2 years old architecture.
Intel is back in the game, but AMD is still selling everything they make at the price they want without need for a rebate.


The additional power requirements for that added cache means we're unlikely to see V-cache in the mobile market.

Lol, that hasn't stopped Intel releasing grossly inefficient chips...RECENTLY !!

--> It's ALL about 'The Win' - isn't it ?!

Oh yes, and yet ANOTHER Intel-paid-for article and title, Tom's - REALLY?
Talk about wallowing in the sewer.


Oct 23, 2007
Aahh the old grain of salt. Here is a run down of Tomshardware lately:

Toms: Product X crushes the competition...
Me: Clicks the link
Toms: Take this with a grain of salt
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14c/20t cpu beats 8c/16t previous gen parts.

In other news water is wet lol.
I don't agree with you here. Intel on last few gens was so power hungry, that no amount of cores would manage to beat AMD (in set power budget/"""""""TDP""""")

news is that you CAN look on intel laptops as an upgrade if you have anything from 2015 or younger now.
Previously, since 6'th gen to 11'th, intel laptops gained like 10%, if you don't count short bursts, before CPU was on fire. All literal upgrades were nvidia GPU's and ssd's.

That efficient cores do wonders for power usage on low loads, this is one of best features of this release. (also 2.5G network in mainstream laptops finally)

Alder lake is the first in a while from team blue that will make sense on mobile.
I still think vcache from AMD will crush alder lake in all benchmarks. (80 days of intel being worthwhile pick left)

See you guys on 2022 CES.