Getting 400+ connections to my IP forum and it blocks in 4-5 mins...


Mar 26, 2009
I need some big time help here since the tech at IPB can not figure this out.

Here is the situation. I run an IPB forum...everything has been fine since july, yesterday they had some sort of "host migration"..."since" that time, when i connect to the forum i get a few minutes and then the page just tries to load but cant.

The IP tech said that its because im making 400+ connections and its blocking me.

So heres what i do know, running the page with my PC off and my wifi connected to my phone all is well.

Now my PC is the issue, but what i dont understand is this...why this "one" page, why am i not having connection issues/blocking anywhere else?

I simply am frustrated beyond belief because i can do all my daily normal internet stuff, but my own forum is now jacked from whatever happened during that host migration.

Anyone have a possible idea what might be up?