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Am I missing something here?

If you search for a particular name in Gmail client on web, say "Netflix" as an example, so it lists all the emails from that name. You can select them all but you don't get a choice of which folder you want them in, it only shows the choice "Move to inbox" even if the email is already in the inbox.

I would use that feature to bulk clear the inbox but it doesn't give me a choice of other folder names?

if i manually go through inbox and select them it lets you choose a destination. Its just slower.

You can add labels but you cannot move it out of inbox which is what i want.

I am sure it used to work.

Why are google removing features now they have dominance? Its almost as bad as search.


Apr 12, 2017
They are removing more than features (they are also removing patriots). The problem is simple to understand: a lack of competition.

All of today's Internet behemoths were constantly developing new features and maintaining a neutral political non-bias on their way up BECAUSE they were in fierce competition with other companies for users in a marketplace where losers declined and winners advanced.

But when the winners eventually reached monopolistic primacy in their respective domains (like Facebook [social networking], Twitter [microblogging] , Google [online search], and Amazon [online retail] did), they were no longer forced by competitors to compete for your business any longer in anything approaching the way they once were.

So they became authoritarian and began calling their authoritarianism "new features" to make the totalitarianism look palatable to naive users. "New features" now are but ways to control you and punish you should you not conform your words and behavior to a highly authoritarian radical leftist ideology. Social media scoring, like in Communist China, where they deny you the right to buy and sell if you say something they don't like. They call that a "new feature" but it's really an evil regressive anti-American way to destroy your liberty, your human rights, and your Constitutional freedoms.

But I remember when average citizens had no access to ARPANET, the early Internet. Only the military, some government departments, some universities, and a few foundations were online. In those days in the mid and late 20th century, the free West sailed proudly against the repression of the evil totalitarian Marxist state atheists who controlled the Soviet Union and Red China during the Cold War. They remember what happened to the patriots in Hungary and met the surviving Cambodians who barely escaped with their lives after Pol Pot rose to power.

Today's radical leftists are so far gone they'll actually line up to take the mark of the beast in their forehead or hand as if it's a free Chinese made iphone with a back door PRC spy chip in it.

That's why so many of us propose breaking up these companies, to bring real competition back to those domains in a way that forces competition and non-bias once again... so a new feature isn't a way to steal your liberty but rather empower people without the throttling, shadow banning, outright banning, search suppression, etc... like the way things once were not so long ago.
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I was trying to figure it out for you as I use labels to move emails out of the inbox to them, I hate that they call them that BTW, but you are correct. So far the only option I could see is if you select the emails you want and then you can click and drag them from the Inbox to the label you want.

In all honestly Microsofts Outlook web mail is better than this. My GMail has really become my spam box.



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