Question Gmail, YouTube, and possible Windows 10 issues ?

Jul 19, 2022
So I am having issues where 95% of my webpages are functioning with no issue (twitch, reddit, forums, shopping, issues). However, Gmail, YouTube, Netflix/Hulu, and other random websites either won't load, play their content, or function properly. Cannot attach documents to emails without a headache and most importantly for what I do YouTube videos will not load properly. I have heard that this issue can be cause by Windows updates and around when I started having this issue I saw there was a minor update to Windows (June 15th I believe). Can anyone here confirm this issue or suggest a solution? The people I heard this from didn't know a solution or source for the issue themselves.

I have checked all the internet/networking hardware and it all seems to be functioning properly. My internet speeds are great (~900 Mbps down and up). Cleared history, cache, cookies to no avail. I don't want to clean install windows if I can avoid it, but I need a solution. Thank you in advance for the help!

Only happens on wired connection, WiFi is fine.
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How many browsers (and name names) can you reproduce this with ?
Oh, only on Wired ? Then you have a badly setup ethernet or the wrong driver for your NIC.
Do not let Windows update your hardware drivers, you don't need it. Microsoft's updates are to fix their software not your hardware. Keep it that way.
Go to Windows Update and remove Recommended & Optional updates (untick), set updates to Notify but not Download.
Inspect updates list and hide any update that names a piece of hardware on your system.
Install your original NIC driver that came with your PC or download the latest from the MFG. website, nowhere else.