Question Got no signal detected on my monitor, shorted Motherboard on something else?

Dec 22, 2021
Some week ago, when i turn on my pc and still completely fine but when i play game i heard buzzing sound like half a sec, cuz bit freak out i turn off my pc, i gues the problem is from the PSU because while i plug the PSU cord i heard buzzing sound, my dumbass mind forced plug the psu cord then i turn it on the pc goin on but no signal on monitor, guess i f-up the PSU then i ordered a new PSU, set it up on my pc and nice no buzzing sound but still no signal on the monitor, i wonder what's the problem i've searching so many threads and youtube guess what's the problem, here's the list i've been doin to figure it out :
  • Cleaning RAM stick, no luck
  • Removing CMOS battery to hard reset motherboard, still same
  • Cleaning GPU, no effect
  • Changing VGA cable (i've seen the other thread that try replacing with another cable like display port but still no luck, so i don't bother to try it out)
  • Boot up with one stick of RAM each both side and without RAM, same result
  • Checking Processor pin, nothing bends
  • Plug in and out the monitor power cords, then hold power for few secs, no luck
  • Checking usb port with keyboard, light is on but Caps button seem not working, i saw on youtube the problem may be the PSU but i already change it
  • Try with different monitor, no luck
  • Try motherboard VGA port, no luck
  • well prolly there's another thing i do, but i forgot
here's my pc specs
  • Motherboard : ECS b75h2-m3
  • CPU : Intel i5 3470
  • GPU : MSI GTX 750ti 2gb 128bit
  • RAM : forgot the type but its 2x4gb
here's the condition when i turn it on,
case fan spinning, no any beeps (already check it with headphones, because on some threads seem got a beep after booting), and after a few sec it turned off and then on again and still no signal on my monitor

i still cant figure it out what's the problem, after long time searching the problem, i think is it the motherboard got fried because of the shorted PSU? im afraid its the GPU or the CPU but it seem normal no bend pin on motherboard and the GPU fan still spinning, i almost sure its the motherboard, sadly i have no other motherboard to try figure it out, i'm thinkin bout ordered new motherboard but i just want to make sure what the problem is.
Dec 22, 2021
Hi. I am having a similar issue. Have you worked out what the problem was?
Just went back to this forum for a reply, so yeah finally my pc turn on and connected to monitor, the problem is the cmos battery went out, so i just replace the cmos battery with a new one then its good as new, idk cmos battery can run out it's battery, thought it can got recharged while pc turned on lol anyway that's it