Question GPU crashes at windows startup,which I've tried numerous suggestions to fix it.

Jun 8, 2021
My problems and diagnosed steps I've taken may take a while to read but I hope I can get a fix for my problem.

Lenovo Ideapad 330
i5 8250u
12gigs ram (4gigs OG soldered + 8gigs upgraded stick)
Intel UHD 620
GPU Radeon HD 520
240gigs SSD(replaced the OG optical drive that came with it)

My GPU problem started around this February, one night when I was heading to bed, turned off my laptop as usual
Then while it was on the Windows screen of the shutting down message part, the laptop fans started spinning super fast.

Even faster than when the fans spins under heavy load.
Then it won't even shut down so I had to manually turn it off from the power button.

The next day, I started facing BSODs while gaming. Not heavy games, just some L4D2.

Thinking it was corrupted drivers or such, I rolled back my drivers to previous versions which I know for sure works.
BSOD still happens.
Then I decided to format my whole SSD and installed a new batch of Windows 10.
Multiple times during installation, I get a crash.
One time it went successful and I could boot to the desktop, it then crashes again.

Also, the rapid fan spin when shutting down or starting up still exist.

The BSOD error message I first got was a VIDEO TDR FAILURE,which I've looked it up and tried those suggested problem fixes like the above rolling back of drivers n such.
But after installing new Windows, I started getting different BSOD messages. Couldn't note them all down,it was more than 5 different types of error codes.

Even tried different Linux distros, all of which crashes while installing.

So I just disabled the GPU from BIOS and started using the iGPU.
After a few months, out of curiosity, I decided to turn on the GPU again but now it won't even get to the Enter User PW startup screen.

SO I'm stuck with using the iGPU for now.

Could this be a problem with the GPU hardware?
Like maybe a faulty capacitor or something which causes to crash when the GPU is under load??

Haven't tried replacing the thermal paste tho.

Also, my laptop is pretty clean with decent air circulation and doesn't get clogged up by dust much.

I hope I can get a solution to my problem.
Thanks in advance.


May 6, 2014
Fast fan spinning issue like you have mentioned, in one case is related to RAM problem also. If you have RAM of slightly different voltage then use the correct one which is properly supported.
Take out RAMs and test it one by one.