Jan 25, 2021
Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to this so sorry if I've done anything wrong. These are my components:

Mobo - Asus H310m-a
GPU - 3060 ti
CPU - Intel Core i7 8700
PSU - Corsair RM850 850W

I've had this problem since Saturday night when I was swapping GPUs, my 3060 can no longer display as well as its not recognised in the device manager.
I will go into more detail on when the problem started, I have two 3060tis and one broke ( which we will call 3060 B) but the other 3060 (A) worked fine. Nvidia asked me to inserted 3060(B) into my pc and send a screenshot, then after that I reinserted 3060(A) and it started the problems( I have also tried my 1060 and its having the same problems).
So my 1060 and 3060(A) aren't recognised in device manager and by Nvidia when installing drivers, BUT the 3060(B) is recognised as well as I can install drivers but obviously I can't use in in any means because it is broken.

I thought it was a motherboard problem( maybe I broke a Pcie slot) but then why would 3060 (B) work?

If anyone can please help I would be so grateful