Discussion GPU Retailer Frustration


Oct 2, 2016
Given the fact there is a massive shortage for cards because of covid, customer demand, scalpers, and bitcoin douchebag miners why aren't retailers offering a preorder waitlist? I would gladly pay full retail price to be put on a first come first serve waitlist even if it means I have to wait six months to finally get a GTX 3080 but at least I would actually get one. Newegg has been pissing me off in particular. They are offering raffles just for the opportunity to pay full price for a card. I've suggested the idea of a waitlist on their twitter page but it's been ignored. And then seeing all of their dumb advertisements advertising cards they aren't even able to sell just pisses me off even further.

Are there any online retailers that actually let you enter a waitlist because so far the waitlists I've signed up for have never produced much of anything. Is it that hard to develop a system where customers can enter a waiting list so that we don't have to compete against bots and scalpers? Or perhaps most retailers just don't care.


Oct 31, 2020
Or perhaps most retailers just don't care.
Someone comes to their store or website and buys what they are selling.
I'm pretty sure retailers call that success. As long as the payment goes through why should they care past that point?
This is getting hashed over a lot, but no group of consumers are more entitled to a product than another group.
I never realized how bad it was. Here in the UK, unless it is one of the newly released GPU's,(at massively inflated prices,) you cannot find a GPU anywhere!? Well, just found an old RTX 570 i bought last year for £124, one retailer is now selling it for £319!