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  1. C

    Question GTX 1050ti OEM

    Are there really cards like GTX 1050ti OEM, because I saw one it's very cheap he also said it came from an OEM PC and the brand of the card is ECS GTX 1050ti, are there any downsides? Thanks for future inputs
  2. G

    Question Trying to make new PC

    So my 2008 year PC is dead. (What a surprise), time to get something new. Ive got bugdet - 775$ max. Mainly for playing games like pubg, probably witcher, dark souls, i dont think i need maximum ultra setting max perfomance so...(high settings with comfortable FPS will be enough) Also really...
  3. Gexila

    Question At start something wrong with loading and the display of colours and resolution is wrong

    I have a problem. My computer seemed to work fine for a good time, but at one moment something happened, and everything i see when the windows is loaded is Screen 640x480 and colors are wrong. I don't know what failed. At the day when it occured i've installed one program, which i think was a...
  4. B

    Question Has my GPU died or is my PSU gone bad?

    Hi, Last night my GTX 970 died on me in the middle of a gaming session. The PC shut itself down and wouldn't restart after. After disconnecting the card however, the pc would boot again.I found out that the PC would would boot when only connecting one specific 6 pin connector, but fail to boot...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] graphic card performance with PCIEX16 slot vs PCIEX4?

    I know that if you're using just 1 video card,you're supposed to be using x16 , but in my case, I'm using Gigabyte B250M Gaming 5 and the SATA port 1 and 2 are interfering with the videocard that is more than 220mm in length. so I'm wondering if it's a big deal to use the PCIEx4 instead for GTX...
  6. J

    Question ATI Radeon 5450 PCIe not working extended display

    Hi! I have a Radeon 5450 PCIe card that has DVI-I and VGA inputs. I used my old VGA to DVI-I adapter from last decade. I get a duplicate image on the second monitor but the second monitor is not found when I try to detect the displays. I have tried uninstalling video drivers using DDU and...
  7. brahmsPC

    Question gtx 1060 6gb vs gtx 1660

    I don't really know what to chose between Galax gtx 1060 6gb EXOC white and Zotac gtx 1660 "non ti" AMP! The galax costs 222 usd, the Zotac costs 256. Is the price difference really worth it for the 1660? Thanks
  8. Question Is my MSI GTX 750TI fake?

    hello i saw something that i didnt expect and it was that other GTX 750ti has different specs i have MSI why was that ??? i cant take a picture because it gives me error please respond thanks my specs THIS IS WHAT IM COMPARING WITH
  9. F

    Question RAM Sticks preventing startup of my computer.

    Recently bought a new video card (NVidia GTX 1660TI). Tried installing it along with a couple new RAM bars on my H97M Plus motherboard. Started up with the (dreaded) DRAM_LED light continuously red, along with 1quick, 2 long beeps. We couldn't boot up because of this. We tried 3 different types...
  10. helge6path

    Question BIOS can't see a working videocard

    So, my problem is next: I have a used mobo 990XA-GD55 and Gigabyte R9 290X. Both items are working, however, mobo can't see this videocard, I hear 1 long and 2 short bios signals.But if I wait for 3-4 minutes, I'll see Windows home screen. Still, there is some unstable work and PC can freeze...
  11. sylex1

    Question Samsung CHG70 on an nVidia 1080 Ti

    Hello everyone! I'm writing from Hungary! I searched a few sites now and read some reviews about the monitor but i can't find anything helpfull so that's why I'm here now. I've got a Samsung C32HG70 that supports Freesync 2 (range 48Hz-144Hz + LFC) and, since NVidia supports this technology I'd...
  12. C

    Question AMD Sapphire RX 580 nitro+ 8gb suddenly coil whine

    Hello. I have bought this gpu 3 months ago and playing games with no problems . But from now suddenly my gpu start coil whine sound not too loud but annoying i tried turn down settings lower bit nothing , fps limot to 60 v sync on , chill , freesync but nothing work only when playing it make...
  13. Akos706

    Question Is this 6pin to 8pin adapter working?

    Im buying a new graphic card and its needed 8pin power connect but in my power supply there is just 6 pin connect. I have an adapter but im not sure that is working for this. Can you check it? I made some pictures...
  14. P

    Question 75hz monitor and not smoothing in fps game!

    Hello My monitor: asus vw193d cpu: i5 7400 ram 8gb Videocard: gtx 1050 ti 4gb oc 2 hdd ( 1 hdd (steam, games) 2 hdd (windows.) motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M3 HWMONITOR: v1: v2:
  15. S

    Question Primary monitor game lag while watching stream on secondary monitor

    Hi all, The title pretty much says it all but in more detail: I have a dual monitor setup, primary is plugged in using DisplayPort and secondary using HDMI, both plugged directly into my video card. When I have a stream/video open (using Chrome) on monitor 2, my primary monitor games become...
  16. C

    Question is my intel DH77EB motherboard compatible with my msi 750ti?

    hi there i have a pc with a intel DH77EB motherboard and i am looking to buy the msi N750TI-2GD5/OC but i dont know if it will work. i have bought two graphics cards in the past that did not work so i want to be sure. is ther someone who can help me out please?