Question BIOS can't see a working videocard

Apr 14, 2019
So, my problem is next: I have a used mobo 990XA-GD55 and Gigabyte R9 290X. Both items are working, however, mobo can't see this videocard, I hear 1 long and 2 short bios signals.But if I wait for 3-4 minutes, I'll see Windows home screen. Still, there is some unstable work and PC can freeze sometimes. I checked it with another card (Zotac GTX 650) and everything was fine. However I've also checked Radeon with another motherboard and there was no issues at all.
I've updated both videocard and motherboard with original BIOS, cleared CMOS, but had no luck.
I found a similar issue in the Internet, but as far as I know, nothing similar (flashing a different bios) was made to my card.
Here is the solution screenshot