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  1. T-MEX_

    Question New PC turned off and wont turn on

    So, I built a computer for my girlfriend and she's been using it for 3 weeks, yesterday she was playing Overwatch when suddenly, the PC turned off by itself and it won’t turn on since then. She said that there was a beep coming from the MOBO when this happened and when she tries to turn it on...
  2. A

    Question Can anyone tell me for new mobo that supports i5 4670?

    I have i5 4670 processor and my current mobo is Gigabyte H87M- D3H The issue I am facing right now is auto reboot averagely twice a day. The same issue happened 1 year ago and service center sold me used mobo and everything worked great so far. Company is not selling new mobo as they have ended...
  3. ytkilian

    Question Esonic H61FEL-U compatible with i5-3470?

    Hi guys, is the motherboard "Esonic H61FEL-U" compatible with intel i5-3470? Couldn't find anything online. Thanks
  4. J

    Question New MOBO not powering (Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce)

    Hi all, I've just built a new watercooled system with: MOBO Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce) Intel i9-9900K Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080Ti Xtreme WaterForce WB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 64GB 3200Mhz PSU Seasonic Prime Ultra 850 Titanium HD 1T Samsung M.2 SSD 970 EVO PLUS ... I test my...
  5. R

    Question Asrock B450M pro4 with cheap addressable rgb led strip not working correctly

    Hi! I have an Asrock B450M Pro4 motherboard , but without any RGB in the system. This is almost heresy, so i bought a chinese addressable RGB LED strip (60LED/1meter, WS2812B).(...
  6. Question PC Not fire up.

    Hi Guys, I’ve been frustated for days don’t know the causes. I tried to boot up but nothing shows on my screen. I have many conclusions here; 1. I tried twice to change the CPU AIO Coolers and replace the thermal paste, I’m using Arctic MX-4. And some of the paste are slightly out of the...
  7. J

    Question Processor Running and stopping

    When the RAM is removed from my PC it runs with a peep sound. But it not getting booted in case of installing the ram, the processor runs a bit and stops. What might be the issue? While i checked with a local service center they stated that the RAM slot is not working properly PC Config ...
  8. J

    Question RAM slot issue

    When the RAM is removed from my PC it runs with a peep sound. But it not getting booted in case of installing the ram, the processor runs a bit and stops. What might be the issue?
  9. A

    Question Gigabyte Motherboard Issue

    I have recently brought back to life my Gigabyte PC back from the dead and I’ve been updating the BIOS and every time I seem to make a change, update the BIOS or anything that includes going into the BIOS my machine seems to just shut down and restart again which at this point it boots fine...
  10. X

    Question I7 8700 NOT “K”, should I got with z370 or z390

    Sup fellow nerds I am planning to build a gaming PC this year and since this is my first build I wanna have the most performance for every penny I pay. And the penny I am willing to pay is 1k. I am planning to put a i7 8700 in my rig but I am confused b/w z370 and z390. My other planned parts...
  11. Y

    Question had a green horizontal line on monitor

    i had a green horizontal line across my monitor and it looked it was done for it was a very narrow line and it wasnt for loose gpu or ram cause i removed my pc power and just turned the monitor on ... and the line was still there.. but yesterday i was downloading something and my pc was on night...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] SSD state frozen in BIOS

    Hi, I built a new computer, works fine until the moment I tried to start the machine. I have an 128GB kingston SSD which is connected via a SATA cable to the motherboard (ASUS prime z390A) and has power supply. The SSD is the same I used in my previous computer. The problem I encounter is that...
  13. helge6path

    Question BIOS can't see a working videocard

    So, my problem is next: I have a used mobo 990XA-GD55 and Gigabyte R9 290X. Both items are working, however, mobo can't see this videocard, I hear 1 long and 2 short bios signals.But if I wait for 3-4 minutes, I'll see Windows home screen. Still, there is some unstable work and PC can freeze...
  14. H

    Question who manufactures my universal serial bus controller

    asrock, fata1ity b450 itx/ac. literature says it has usb 3.1, but does not specify manufacturer. this is the thing: i can not get win 7 to recognize the usb controller. several online threads suggest making sure power management does not 'turn off' the device. it can not be turned off because...
  15. samagedon

    Question Lan port RIP?

    sorry for bad English Hi! I just came to my dad... I travel Whit my PC a lot that why I think something's f****up Whit my lan port ... But why I writing there ? So ...When I first started PC no LED on Lan port was on... No lights ... But PC don't say there is no internet connection but I got...
  16. O

    Question Form factor of a hp compaq elite 8100 sff motherboard?

    I need to find out the form factor of a hp compaq elite 8100 small form factor desktop pc motherboard.
  17. T

    Question Help choosing right motherboard and RTX 2080

    Hello, I need some help to chose the right motherboard and gpu for this build (moderate overclocking) ASUS: ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING (245€) + ROG-STRIX RTX2080-O8G-GAMING (947€) MSI: MEG Z390 ACE (262€) + GeForce-RTX-2080-GAMING-X-TRIO (838€) /...
  18. N

    Question Diffrent wires for front pannel

    I have a old computer and i upgraded it with better specs but when I went to plug in the power button, which looks like this on the bottom ::.:::: ,there was nowhere to put it. Its incompatible with this motherboard as far as I know. I was wondering if there is any work around to this without...
  19. Bad Sector

    [SOLVED] 4GB + 8GB Memory HyperX on Asus Prime Z390-A

    Hey Guys. I have a Asus Prime Z390-A with a Core i3 8100 and 2 RAM DIMMs HX424C15FB/4GB (DDR4-2400 CL15) HX424C15FB/8GB (DDR4-2400 CL15) And these are new!! I want to install both RAMs in system but I scared if it cause any problem for example Motherboard Problem another Question is: Do u...
  20. Jepson

    Question Buying an i7-9700K CPU, what motherboard to get?

    For my birthday I am buying an i7-9700K CPU but my motherboard seems to not support that CPU, so I need some help on which one to get. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks