Question No Signal on monitor

Jul 18, 2020
Hi community

So i have a desktop PC with the following specifications:

Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1050 TI
AMD A320M-S2H V2
with 8GB RAM

I used it for almost a year to be fine. But recently, i experienced having no signal on my monitor. I observed that it is booting up properly since I hear the beep sound and the numlock indicator lights up. I was even able to shut it down manually by pressing ALT+F4 after 3-5 minutes. At first i thought that my HDMI cable is just loose cable. My GTX1050 TI has a DVI and HDMI slots. I have a VGA only monitor, hence I use adapter(HDMI to VGA) to connect it to my PC. I was able to borrow a DVI to VGA adapter and tried it and it is still no signal.

I connected my PC using the HDMI to VGA to my monitor and turned it on for like 3-5 minutes and still no signal. I tried connecting the HDMI to VGA adapter (without connecting it to the monitor) while the DVI to VGA adapter is connected to PC and monitor then the display appears. If I remove the HDMI to VGA adapter it will now work fine and I can even restart the computer and check the bios settings during startup.

However, when I shutdown my computer. I will start over again and have the same problem of no signal.

Troubleshooting that I tried are the following but it still failed.

  1. Reformat using the windows 10 recovery
  2. update my bios
  3. buy new sets of adapter
  4. Connecting to a different monitor
  5. removing my GTX 1050 TI, (does not work since my Ryzen 5 needs GPU to work on motherboard).
I would really appreciate your answer guys. This PC is becoming unreliable to me.
Thank you very much in advance.
Is the HDMI to VGA adapter you're using an active adapter? Nvidia 10-series GPUs don't support analog output signals by default, and VGA is an analog signal. So, you need an active adapter to convert the digital HDMI signal to the analog VGA signal. If it is not an active adapter, the monitor will not get a signal through HDMI. Regarding the DVI port, I'm not really sure what's going on there...