GPU? Screen Tearing (Gt1030)

Nick Kitson

May 20, 2016
My video card is just a few months old but just now i have been experiencing this cases

I would restart my computer then everything would be fine then I try to play abit then it happens and just gets stuck like that unless i would restart it again. What can be causing this? My video card is still under warranty if should i return it


Core 2 Duo e4500
4gb ram
Mobo: P5KPL-AM Asus
Gt 1030

edit: I have the latest drivers update (418.81 - WHQL) and have done to remove and install everything back and still no work
Some older motherboards were not able to supply the required 60-70 watts via PCI-e slot that some GPUs require...(not sure of 1030's power requirement off-hand, but, I know most do not have a supplemental cable from PSU?)

Perhaps the PSU is old and /or weak, not able to stand rapid 30-50W fluctuations in power?
Of course, it could simply be a bad GPU, but, if that's the case, those symptoms should appear if/when that GPU is used/tested in another build...; find someone using integrated graphics that has a PCI-e slot and is eager to test a GPU for you...