Question GPU usage drops in heavy loads / games ?

Sep 7, 2022
Hey guys, im looking for some help with my PC's performance, mostly because i dont have the best knowledge about what's normal and what should be normal.
Anyway, before i forget, my pc specs:

CPU: Intel core i5-7600 3.50Ghz 4 cores- with intel hd graphics 630
RAM:16gb (2x8 ddr4 1200Mhz)
motherboard: Gigabyte B150M-D3H-CF (Bios version F24)
GPU: Sapphire Rx 480 4Gb Nitro+ GDDR5 OC (base gpu clock 1326Mhz version) using one PCIE 8 pin
SSD: Sandisk SD8SBBU240G1122 (240Gb)sata3
HDD: WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0( 1tb)sata3
Monitor: UltraGear 144hz 1080p + 60hz monitor(using intel hd graphics)
OS: W10 pro 10.0.19044 build 19044
PSU XFX XT500 80plus bronze 500w

Im not sure what PSU i have, its a XFX 500W i think, i cant access the thing to check the specs.

Recently i cleaned my PC and checking temperatures, repasted the CPU and GPU because i was having thermal throttling with fps drop and all the good stuff , CPU was going up to 98-100ºC at 3.5Ghz(throttling to like 1.7Ghz in heavy loads) and GPU at 74ºC max. but now both are cool af (60-65ºC max in both gpu and cpu) while gaming.

Here's the thing, i have weird drops, gpu runs at 100-99% and drops to 0% at worst, my gpu settings are stock (i only customized the fan curve).
This GPU's TDP is 110W, , max power limit 142W.
Btw gpu usage drops on AMD radeon stress test too(with low cpu usage)

Thanks in advance
PS: I've tried to add links and or images but it keeps telling me they're spam or whatever ?
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You forgot to mention the make and model of your PSU and it's age. Please ad that once you've confidently found out the answer/info. Also, have you tried reinstalling your GPU drivers after using DDU to remove all traces of GPU drivers and then manually reinstalling said driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator? Source the latest drivers from AMD's support site, mind you.

BIOS version for your motherboard?
Sep 7, 2022
Sorry for the late reply, my PSU is a XFX XT500 80plus bronze 500w, i have it since 2016.
Bios version F21 . i have the latest gpu drivers, but i didnt reinstall everything from 0 yet.
Edit: i've upgraded the BIOS to F24(the latest) my overall performance is better, but i still suffer of hard drops, i will make a clean windows install and report any news here
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Sep 7, 2022
Update: I've made a windows clean installation, clean driver installation, problem is still ocurring, i was watching at mobo's Vcore under the amd radeon stress test, and it drops all the way down to 0.00 sometimes, is that ok?


Feb 29, 2016
the i5 7600 is very much an outdated cpu that would struggle on modern titles. im fairly sure the diffrence with 5th 6th and 7th gen was very minimal and lauhable. though the resale value still remains decent. i would look into upgrading to a i3 12100f or 12400f. but then ur entire system is outdated may wanna sell ansld buy smth new.