Graphics and PSU upgrade

Well, if you still have guarantee on it you will loose that with upgrading. But you can upgrade safely without damaging other components.
I would go for a new 500W psu from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic or XFX. Prefarably a 80+ certified.
For GPU i would take a HD 6870 or a GTX560Ti.
If you really hang on to the 200 max go for a GTX 460, a GTX 550ti, Gtx 560 or a HD 6850.

Dynapower is not a good PSU maker.

@pcnut88 ; Be Quit ! ( sorry, couldn't resist this bad joke ) :pt1cable:

No, I have not used one because they are not good. :lol: They are just known to not be good from all the reviews I have seen of there PSUs.
When i want fireworks i'll wait till new years eve, this is from one of the many bad Dynapower reviews ;

"Pros: Worked for 9 months, until it went out in a blaze of glory.

Cons: I was in the bathroom, and I heard what I thought to be firecrackers or a small gun going off. I ran out and found out it was my PC. Power supply was popping and smoking. I jerked the plug out of the wall, and let my case clear of the smoke. If I wouldn't have been at home there's a good chance this thing would have burnt my house down. I've been working on PC's for quite a while, and never saw something like this happen. These things are supposed to have a fuse in them in case of a short. Mine never blew.

Other Thoughts: Lucky my house is still here, and I hope this thing didn't fry the rest of my PC with it. Waiting on a new PSU to test it out."

Great fun those Dynapowers !!!


Sep 23, 2011

wow, where did you find that review? did he contact them and get a refund or anything?