Graphics card and sound card


Dec 23, 2012
Earlier I requested the community to show me a solution on selecting a graphics card for an old PC ( Config : P IV 3 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 ram 915GEV motherboard). I have got Nvidia GE620 and now 3D is working good. Before buying the graphics card, I have a creative 5.1 sound blaster PCI card. I have connected speakers (L, R) and played the music. All of a sudden, the system was hung. I have forcebly restarted the PC and saw creative sound card is missing its entry in MyComputer -> devicemanager. I saw and understood that Nvidia HD audio drivers are loaded and acting as default.
I have uninstalled the Nvidia HD audio driver and installed creative drivers once again and restarted the system. Still the creative sound card is not detected. I guess there might have been a resource contention. I have uninstalled the Nvidia suit completely and still the creative sound card is not detected. Is the card gone bad? Please help me