Question Graphics card isn't working with specific motherboard (or monitor i think)


Mar 12, 2017
I recently bought Aorus RX 570 to replace my old Gigabyte Radeon HD 6570. I also bought new PSU for new graphics card which is LC Power 600w Active PFC. When i replaced my old graphics with the new one, put PCIe PSU connectors into the GPU and HDMI into the monitor, i started the machine. Fans started spinning and even lights on graphics turned on but monitor was saying no signal. So i took it to the man who knows "things" about the PC. My first thought was "sh*t, GPU isn't working" because i bought used thing, but that wasn't the case. The man told me that the GPU is working, he tested it with another motherboard and it works. Then i asked "what isn't working then?". He said to me that he doesn't know... so he put my old graphics into my rig and it is still working normally...

Things to note:
  1. This man who tried to fix my problem said that my VRMs on my motherboard are getting very hot, so that might be causing the problem. So i did the test.. When my PC is idling for about 20 mins VRMs are normal temps (warm when i touch them with my finger), but when i play games for about 20 mins they got very hot (i can't hold my finger at them for more than a second or two). I personally think that this isn't the reason why new graphics isn't working but who knows, might be. I did all of my tests with the old graphics card!
  2. Maybe HDMI isn't working with my graphics card or monitor. I always used and i am still using VGA
My PC:
Motherboard: A55F-M3
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 651K
RAM: 6GB DDR3 9-9-9-24
Monitor: Acer AT1922

Thank you for your help and spent time to help me <3