Question Graphics card/system acting weird

Jul 25, 2021
So I played some GTA earlier today and everything went smoothly. Later in the day i installed le latest game ready driver and went on with my day. I got on about 30 mins ago to play some GTA and i realized that my graphics card seemed to be running alot more intense than it usually does, and this lead it to become very hot. Also my frame rate went way down to almost 30 fps with sudden dips and spikes. I assumed it was the new driver so I installed the previous version but no luck, I still had the same problems. I tried to launch another game to see if it was just GTA but that game wont even open and it crashes whenever it does and it tries to make me boot it in safe mode. If anyone can help I would be very happy!!

ryzen 5 5600x
1660 super oc edition
16 gb ram
750w power supply
1tb ssd
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