Graphics card with good quality video in TV?


Oct 5, 2003
Hi all!
I thought to ask for opinions, which of the current graphics cards are decent for good quality DVD and video playback when watching the video from TV, being a secondary display. That is, which cards have the best tv-out signal quality for video?

My current experiences are the following: I previously had a computer in use with Matrox Millennium G400 (32MB), and the video quality in TV was perfect, as good as with any DVD player, even though the cable was only composite (RCA).
I have a new computer now: I chose Nvidia Geforce4 Mx440 SE 64MB first, and was really disappointed with the tv-out signal quality (had other problems as well, so I switched the card). Currently I have ATI Radeon 9200 SE 64MB, and the video is kind of blurry in TV also.

My question is, are there any (not the most expensive) cards available which produce good and sharp video to TV and which could be used for occasional gaming (3D applications) as well, or should I just go for Matrox 400G,450G or 550G and then forget about playing new games totally :(

BR, Zagge


Radeons are the best, bar none. Doesn't really matter which one, as long as it as a TV out (which almost all of them do).

They have excellent TV out quality, and by FAR the best DVD motion compensation.

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