Gtx 295 vs q6600 bottleneck?


Oct 14, 2008
I built my first PC about a year ago, came here for some MB bios tips which were much welcomed and I'm back again for more. I've got a little extra cash to burn and I like keeping my PC moderately updated. I'm mostly an MMO gamer so I never rely heavily on SLI configs, I just like to run massively powerful single cards. At the moment I'm running a q6600 clocked to 3.2 w/ 750w corsair and I have one of the first EVGA gtx 260 core 216s that came out, I do not really have any trouble as far as FPS goes for the most part, some shadows tend to destroy me when the screen gets really loaded and I was looking for a way to eliminate that.

So I started looking at the gtx 295, and evga just came out with a superclocked edition, I play at 1920x1200/1080 so the beastie cards work well for me, plus I like to run 2-3 or sometimes 4 clients of the same game as once, which the 260 has eaten up quite well until a few months ago.

Anyways getting away from my bs that means nothing to you, my question: How much would an overclocked q6600 wreck the performance of a gtx 295?

Thanks in advance!


Jan 17, 2009
all the dual-card setups have microstuttering effects,more or less.If you hate dropping for a second or so at low FPS,try a massive overkill(ex 2x GTX 285@SLI) or a single powerfull card(GTX 285 should do it).

And btw,a OCed q6600 wont bottleneck either or the above setups at 1920x1200
I actually think you should start with trying to OC a little more on that CPU. It may unlock some hidden potential on the card you already have.

I just went thru the debacle with the GTX 295. I didn't even open the package, I returned it and got the GTX 275 and am waiting to drop the heavy bucks on a newer card that is directx11.

Directx11 isnt important now to most people but once the games come out it will likely change their minds. there's nothing like being dissatisfied with a 550.00 video card in less than a year after you buy it...


Mar 27, 2008
I was replying to another thread and i quickly read the 1st paragraph so i rushed it a bit. My mistake; normally don't do this, but i apologize op and to everyone else. Oh ya forgot to mention no need to curse.


Jul 22, 2008

my thoughts exactly.....dx11 is so close you can taste it ..... save your cash a gf260 is a great hold over card
That didn't make any sense, what debacle was there if you never even opened it?

There were several equations to my delimma.

I have a 780i mobo
1000 watt Corsair psu

I want a video card in all slots. Cant do that with the 295.
My power supply suposedly wont support 2x 295 based on Nvidia's SLI Zone.
The 295 wasn't direct x11 and new releases around the corner.

I didn't really have a problem with the card but I didn't see the need to open the box only to return it. The 275 can be ran in 3x SLI and my power supply is approved for it.


Oct 20, 2006
OK, you wait for the DX11 card to come out then you hurry out to buy, get it home , put it in your machine, then what. No games written in DX11, nothing in DX11! So why did you wait?
I simply decided to downgrade to the GTX 275 from the 295, its much cheaper and is almost as powerful as my 8800GTX ACS3 cards in tri-SLI. I wanted less heat from my system so taking out the 3 cards running 150*F+ for a single card @ 130*F was a good trade off until the plot unfolds for the GTX 300 cards and directx11.