GTX 470 Too Hot?


Sep 20, 2011
I got a really good deal on a PNY GTX 470, but my only problem is i think the card runs too hot. Im using an Antec 900 so there is plenty of room in the case, im just worried that its gonna run too hot on one of those days where there is a long gaming session without breaks. Usually sits at about 75-80 c just playing games that arent too demanding like counter-strike. Could anyone suggest a way to keep this card cooler? Im kind of new to building gaming pcs, and any input would be good! :kaola:
You can check to see how fast the fan is running, and download a program like MSI Afterburner to set the fan speed to 100%

Also, I think the thermal limits for that card are around 90c, so 75-80 during gaming is warm, but ok.

EDIT: My mistake, the thermal limit is 105c. You are well within the thermal limits. If you want it to run cooler, I would suggest maybe a fan next to the GPU to force the air out the back of the case.


I have an MSI GTX 470 and a PNY GTX470. Both refrence boards. They both run at 85-90 while gamming. For whatever reason the default fan profile is really low. So even though the gpu is at 90 the fan is only at 50%. If I manually turn the fans up to 75% they are sort of loud but they stay in the 70s.

I have an Asus p5n-d mobo so my two cards are practically touching each other. The top cards intake is only a fraction of an inch from the card below it so I normally use afterburner to run the fans at 75% when gamming.