GTX 650 gaming


Dec 12, 2012
So I have an GTX 650, I run games like Battlefield 3 on ultra settings, Medal of Honor WF and GTA IV on HIGH settings.
But with Assassins Creed 3 and NFS Most Wanted(2012) I have a lot of fps problems. For example Assassins Creed 3 the beginning at the opera run with 50-60 frames/s but when I enter in Boston GPU usage is at 40 % and the fps is like 21.

At NFS Most Wanted outside the city 40-60 fps on high in city 18-29 fps( also gpu usage at 50%).

So these are the two games I experienced a lot of problems. Games like borderlands 2 run with 40-50 fps maxed out on 1080p.

Can you please tell me what is causing for these two games the low gpu usage/fps ?
GTX 650 is a budget GPU, it's fairly weak.

You CAN'T be playing Battlefield 3 in ultra settings at 1080p, your GPU would get like 20-25 FPS, just look at benchmarks

It could be a CPU bottleneck but I don't think so. Your GPU is running Battlefield 3 in ultra settings right? lol.

Vram could be a problem too, 1 GB of vram is pretty low right now for 1080p gaming. A lot of games has begun to use more vram over the last year.



Dec 6, 2012
1- CPU bottle necking
2- AC3 is not realy optimizd and runs slow on computers with much better GPUS It could just be the game
3- you could be overheating (99.9% sure your not becasue your only at 40% GPU usage)

So most likely just the games.