GTX 670 WINDFORCE Heavyproblem

Dec 18, 2012
Hello , everybody ... I wish u guys can help me !

My Spec :

Motherboard Sabertooth 990fx
Gtx 670 windforce 2gb ddr5
Amd fx 6100 six core processor
750 Cooler master power supply
60 ghz monitor

and the others cooler i dont know what name but it make my cpu temperature remain below 40 , gaming below 50 ..

I have AMD VISION ENGINE CONTROL CENTER which means it looks support AMD only .... I am nt clear about these thing .... I saw many ppl can max THE ELDER SCROLLS SKYRIM V .... but i only can MEDIUM SETTING..i cant ultra setting , it will laggy below 30 fps ... what problems is that ? beside that i am not confirm my AMD FX 6100 support my graphic card or not .... I am so curious and keep finding answer everywhere but they nt confirm too....finally i found here for asking these question... Sorry for my bad english ....



Apr 7, 2011
I never install that amd chipset driver when i use an Nvidia card.....

could be your problem.... uninstal both the amd catylist driver AND your nvidia graphics driver.....

then reinstall JUST the nvidia one