Gtx 690 issues


Dec 18, 2012
Hello all. I recently built a new rig with the specs below and BF3 is giving me a hell of a time with getting adequate frames.

gpu - gtx690
cpu - i7 3930 sandy bridge 6core 3.2ghz
psu - rosewill 850w bronze
ram - 16g gskill ripjaw series
motherboard - asus x79
OS - win8

Those are the down and dirty specs. To my knowledge all drivers are up to date. I am constantly getting an average of 15 fps in battlefield however when I disable multi gpu and only have 1 enabled I get a constant 55-65+ fps. The only other games I have tried were torchlight (obviously 60+) and crisis at max settings (70+ fps) all at 1920x1080 resolution.

I have tried researching but haven't found anyone with this problem quite to my extent. Can anyone shed some light as to what may be the issue and how I can fix it? Thank you!!