Question h100i v2 fan speed ignoring custom curve


Feb 3, 2016
So for the past couple of months the fan speed on the h100i V2 has randomly been kicking up to 100%, completely ignoring the custom curve I set for it
I have a custom cooling profile set so that the fans don't go over 40% but when I play certain games, like overwatch, resident evil 2 and assassins creed odyssey they randomly go to 100% for around 30 seconds before dropping back down to 40%. The problem started around June, and I've been playing those games a lot longer so I know the issue isn't from before and I just wasn't noticing it.
The fan speed is linked to the temperature of the h100i V2, which never goes over 40c. The CPU also hits mid 70's at max while I'm playing. I've made sure the software is fully updated but it's not helped the problem at all.
Does anyone know why it's doing this?
Don't know if this applies to your CPU chip, but there are some recent chips that apparently show rapid spikes in internal temperature that last a few seconds, then drop back down. IF that is happening, it is no wonder the fan control system would respond to a rapid high temp reading and speed up, then slow down when the temp reading dropped.