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Question Hard disk problem

Nov 4, 2019
Hello all, i'm new of the forum and i found nothing about a presentation section for the new members so if there is one, like i think, please give me the link.
I'll go to the point of my post as straight as i can but first i think i have to give some informations on how i got to this. My very old laptop died like 10 months ago after around 6 years of honored service, because of his age i decided to simply buy a new one, the new one began to have issues like a month ago: first it began to start the reboot procedure by itself, and at last it gave me the "no bootable device" message a couple of times before leaving me with an Acer logo screen. Now since the second laptop was still covered by warranty and i bought it on amazon (after contacting the costumer support) i decided to return it, add something and buy a better laptop and so i did, i bought an Acer Nitro 5 (from which i'm currently writing). The problem is that now before returning the second laptop i wanted to retrieve all my data from the second pc so i removed the HDD and through a USB interface i connected it to the new nitro to copy my data, but at this moment i encountered a problem: when i connected the HHD i could see it labeled as "local disk (E:)" but there is no bar under it (the one that indicates the percentage of free storage) nor any disk size label, the address bar on top continues to appear loading with now result and i can't access to that disk, so i came looking for help, i have photographs , programs and personal files on that HHD and i need to get them back, could anyone please help me?