Have I Met My Match? DX4870-UB21P Desktop Build


Jan 30, 2010
With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time for me to get a new desktop... and because my old desktop of 9 years finally bite the dust last week. I want a desktop that is price affordable (between $400-$500), has today's standards & latest features (Windows 7, intel i5 maybe i7 cpu, 7,200 rpm hdd, hdmi, memory card reader, good amount of memory & memory slots, video graphics and card slots, will allow me to upgrade parts in the future, etc.) and will run the programs I use fast & smooth. I use programs such as Windows Media Player 11, Winamp, Photoshop CS3/CS6, Sony Vegas 8/ or later, & Microsoft Word (to name a few). For gaming I'm looking at MapleStory, Minecraft, Unreal Tournament 2003, Project64 emulation, and a few others. My question is, will the Gateway DX4870-UB21P be a match for me? As far as this build having only Intel HD 2000 graphics, I plan to upgrade to a better video card and with that a higher watt psu. What do you guys think? Here's the link: