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    Question DDR2 RAM Different or will it match?

    Hey, This also relates to the last question that I asked Would these two ram sets of modules work together? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2GB-Kit-2x1GB-Ocz-Reaper-DDR2-1066-Ram-PC2-8500U-CL5-2-2V-Ocz-2RPR10662GK/202616078309...
  2. W

    Question Is it fine to miss one standoff?

    Standoff setup looks like this o o o o o o o o x (x is the missing standoff) Is it fine to miss this standoff or should I look into buying a new one?
  3. K

    Question Looking for advice/input on upgrades.

    Good morning, folks. I'm looking to overhaul a few pieces of my current setup. I've got some (limited) experience with building PCs, but I'm not by any means an advanced user. With that in mind, I wanted to layout my current setup and what I had hoped to improve and get opinions on if there's a...
  4. I

    Enable hardware virtualization

    Hello. How to enabled hardware virtualization in BIOS? Motherboard - asrock AB350M Pro4 ver. P5.50 CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  5. M

    [SOLVED] 1024MBATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

    anybody an idea which ports are on this card ? I can't find any documentation ? DVI and hdmi i think , displayport as well ? I can't see it
  6. T

    Problem with Printer Sharing

    Hi all, I have a p1102 HP laser jet printer and install it on window XP. It can print perfectly but the problem is when i share that printer using a network, It cannot print. I mean pc who connect the printer via sharing cannot print while the host still can print perfectly. I do everything in...
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    File Explorer (a.k.a "This PC") - [Videos Folder] Gone Missing

    Hi guys, So I am having a bit of an issue here with my Windows 10 Operating System. Before we go on any further, just for your information, my Windows Build version is 1803 just so you don't confuse me with your instructions if your OS looks slightly different on an older Windows 10 version...
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    [SOLVED] PC Performance Issues.

    Hello, I have never had this issue until recently but while playing games I will frequently go from 200ish FPS to 20 or 30. It's very frustrating but after about a week of frustration I decided to look into it further by checking my usages while playing games and I noticed that when I start to...
  9. A

    Stream PC will it work for 1080p??

    Hi guys I just want to check if I can stream with my PC having ryzen 5 2400g, sapphire RX 580 4gb,G.Skill 8 GB ddr5, MSI X470 gaming plus. Please answer.of course 1080p, and if i can't then what should I change?? Or can I have 720p smooth in it?? Sorry for my English. He he. And thanks.
  10. D

    Unlocking phenom ii x4 910 to phenom ii x6

    I heard that some phenom ii x4 cpus like the 960t can be unlocked to phenom ii x6.Can a phenom ii x4 910 be unlocked as well with the right motherboard?
  11. N

    Is Zus-700 enough?

    Hello, I'm buying new PC, i5-4690k, GTX 960 and 8 GB DDR3 RAM. I found Zeus ZUS-700, 700w PSU for 30$, but I don't know will that PSU be enjoy for my system.
  12. J

    looking for a replacement case

    one of the panels on my case has been broken for a little while now, and i want to sell my pc, so i decided it would be a good investment to replace the case and get a little more cash out of it. looking for a cheap option Case Measurement Mid-size ATX Height: 38.7 cm (15.23 inches) Width: 17.5...
  13. D

    Can somone i got brand new computer I build with friends but it is so slow

    Hello!I am very glad to ask questions on this site!I have one problem I am a lowspecgamer I have 4gb ram nvidia geforce 610 and i3 2100 procesor and with this components I could run lots of games on low like Mafia 2,CS GO,Assasin s creed 3 and that games and my procesor was very fast then I...
  14. N

    240 Hz Monitor Stuck on 60 Hz

    I have read multiple posts regarding this topic and have tried every recommended approach. I have a Dell 25 aw2518hf (a 240 Hz monitor equipped with AMD's Freesync) and also just bought an Alienware Aurora R7 which came with an NVIDIA GTX GeForce 1070. I have learned that NVIDIA's G-Sync is...
  15. Lycaone

    Ubuntu compatability, Linux

    When a product says that's compatabile with Linux, does that also mean that's compatibile with Linux distributions (like Ubuntu) ? Thanks in advance :D
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    Help in finding out if a new CPU cooler will help my setup

    So, I have a GTX 750Ti and a C2Q Q8400 running on a shitty zebronics mobo that can't OC. My setup is CPU limited, to a very annoying extent. I can use any GPU settings in CSGO but the FPS does not change a bit. Recently when I was running some benchmarks I noticed that in Unigine Heaven, my CPU...
  17. M

    Fortnite stutters even though I have the recommended specs and a SSD

    So recently I bought a ssd thinking my stuttering will finally end. So I plugged my T5 ssd, set it to high priority, tested the speed (it was as it should be on usb 3.0), moved Fortnite to my SSD and launched Fortnite. I was mad to see alot of stuttering and sometimes low fps. It is running on...
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    PCU Shopping; couple cable questions

    My first post on tomshardware. Story: I was given prebuilt computer from Cybertron, but unfortunately I got one that is known to have power supply problems, which come out during intensive gaming. I myself fly an extremely intensive flight simulator, DCS, and I frequently run into crashes, and...
  19. Q

    Can I Raid 1 between a PC HDD & a NAS?

    My Situation: I have one 1TB HDD & one 2TB HDD in my computer.My HDD's are getting full so i am going to buy the following NAS: https://www.amazon.in/WD-Cloud-WDBVXC0040HWT-BESN-Personal-Storage/dp/B076PJF94K?tag=googinhydr18418-21 I want to backup or mirror the data on my PC's HDD's and also...
  20. W

    2 OS in seperate SSD's

    Hello I bought another SSD to install windows 10 but i wan't my old SSD where windows 7 is installed to be encrypted from windows 10 because i don't like how windows 10 is spying. Is there any way to make my old SSD invisible to windows 10? Btw how can i adjust my computer to show me an option...