Question Having trouble getting audio out of Sennheiser wireless headphones

Jan 13, 2020
Hey everyone

So, here's what happened: I got a Roku for Christmas and I just wanted to hook it up to see how it worked. I don't have cable on my TV, just a BluRay player. I should mention that, since there was no way to directly hook the Sennheisers up to my TV, I bought an HDMI converter box, which I plugged the red and black audio jacks into, as well as an HDMI cable connected to my TV. Anyway, I unplugged all that to see how to set up my Roku, but I'm not quite ready to stop using the BluRay player completely. So I hook everything back up... and I can't use the headphones to hear audio anymore.

The audio is coming out of the TV speakers now, instead of the headphones. Try as I might, I can't get audio out of them. At least, audio from my BluRay player. Recently, I think I've been picking up TV or radio audio, but it's audio from a program that isn't even currently being viewed on any of the TVs in the house.

I've moved cords around, switched plugs, unplugged everything and plugged it back in. I've looked for menu options on my remotes (I know on some TVs, you have to mute the speaker audio to get audio out of the headphones). Nothing works, and I don't even know what I did wrong.

I was able to connect the headphones to my PC and got audio out of that, so I have no idea what is happening

Can anyone please help me or provide any clue as to what I need to do or fix? If you need any more information to answer my question, just ask

Thanks for the help

Oh, and the TV is a Samsung, model number LN32D403E4DXZA
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You're mentioning "Wireless" in the title of the post, and "plugged cable into PC" further down.

it seems you have troubles with that HDMI audio extractor. Please list exact models / makes of everything involved in that setup, and how it is interconnected. Draw a picture and post it on eg imgur.