Hd 103si/u board


Feb 18, 2012
I have a 1 Tera byte Samsung hard drive model : HD103SI
Also it says HDD P/N : HD 103SI/I

Other part number in bar code is P/N A3623-B741-ABN1D

This HD came out of a iomega external enclosure, it was not being recognized with USB so i took it out and plugged it to a different sata USB adapter and power from a computer case. As soon I plugged in the power a diode I touched close to the power connector burned my finger and came out of the board.
This does not spins at all which means board is bad.

I see kind of the same hard drives like the HD 103SI/Y available online, can I use the board of one of these on my bad one to get the data out?

I know firmware on HDrives are complicated. Can somebody give me light on this dilema.