Question HDD not recognized in Disk Management + Bonus Boot Issues.

Aug 17, 2019

MSI Z97 1 250Gb Crucial SSD, 2 WD HDD @ 1Tb and 3Tb, GTX 970, I5 4960k, ASUS disk drive

Last night I ran windows update. Today I was unable to boot my computer. It was stuck on the BIOS screen with a loading icon spinning indefinitely. I then did some troubleshooting.
  • Unplugged both HDDs from MOBO and computer successfully booted to the desktop. Leaving either one plugged in caused the same boot issue above.
  • Tried switching around SATA cables and ports
  • Verified boot priority is set to the SSD
Now that my computer can boot properly I sought to reformat, reinstall, troubleshoot the two drives so I can still access my data, however, I am currently unable to access the drives
  • Drives do not show up in Device Manager or Disk management after reconnecting them after a successful boot
  • Drives do show up in BIOS but need to be unplugged in order to boot.
  • Drives were partitioned correctly and setup and in use yesterday
  • Selected hidden drives in (View>Hidden drives) diskdrives and verified the latest drivers for the devices were installed.
I'm aware that windows can sometimes have issues with installing parts of windows on other drives causing a boot issue but the usual fix would be to reformat the drives however I can even access them. Can someone help me with this issue? Let me know if there is any information missing that may help.

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