Question HDD throwing SMART event errors

May 3, 2022
Hey everyone, new here. I was trying to clean up some files on my HDDs (I have 250GB NVME 960 EVO and 4TB Hitachi HDD). I deleted some file form the HDD and ran disc clean up and Storage Sense on my NVME drive. When I restarted my cpu went into BIOS settings prompt and when I ignored this I got a warning from intel rapid storage prompting me to back up my drive and that there was an error with it now. I ran Crystal Disc and you can see the results below.

HDD (D: ) drive Crystal Disc - View:

NVME (C: ) drive - View:

IST drive info - View:

I was looking into getting a larger NVME drive to replace my HDD anyway, but is there any way that defragging the drive or any other work arounds might give it some more life? Not sure exactly how to troubleshoot this.


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Only fix is normally to replace the drive

When there are more sectors reallocated, the read/write speed will decrease significantly. If S.M.A.R.T data for your hard drive shows a number above 0 next to the attribute Reallocated Sector Count, you need to pay attention to it. The increasing reallocated sectors are a sign of hard drive failure.

The only “fix” for a reallocated sector is to purchase a new hard drive. Once a sector has been reallocated the hard drive will no longer use it and will continue operation without storing data on that part of the disk. There is no software or hardware fix to lower your reallocated sector count.