Question HELP!! All my games are crashing with my gtx 1080 :(


Mar 2, 2021
So for the last week or so my games keep crashing!

I have a Zotac Gtx 1080 8GB running on WIN 10 running the 526.86 now. The games (trying mainly with BF1) open fine and join the server and then play the game on ULTRA settings 1080p 144FPS absolutely fine, great graphics for 5 or so minutes then it will just crash and close. I've had quite a few BSOD when trying to play Warzone or BF1. I've tried everything to diagnose if it's the driver or the card or what! Here's what I've done so far:

  • RAM and memory checks
  • Disk check
  • 2 virus scans (with 2 different applications)
  • Registry repair
  • CC cleaner cleanup
  • .NET framework repair
  • Uninstalled the latest 3 windows updates (2 of which were from last week), including the feature update and security / bugfixes.
  • Used DDU to uninstall drivers, then tried the automatic windows update ones, didn't work so turned updates off and disconnected from the web then installed a working driver which I'd used for months (516.93 from July 26, 2022)

I'm pulling my hair out here!! I've tried everything, monitored thermals which remain under 85 at all times, and usually sit around 70-80 at high load. Used Afterburner to set max GPU use to 90% and thermals to 80 degrees C. etc etc

Today I tried something different to try and determine if the GPU was dying or if its a software issue or other. I ran BF1 Max ULTRA 1080P 144FPS settings, and it played and looked great for 5-10 minutes until it crashed and closed. So I then changed the settings to 50FPS capped, 720p lowest settings (to try and work out if it was the temps and load that was killing the program when the GPU heats up) and it went from around 80-90% utilisation to 40-50% util. The temps were at 70-80 on the max settings and they went down to 50-60 on the low settings. The game lasted around 20 minutes, so definitely longer, but then the GPU spiked up to 100% utilisation randomly and then crashed again.

Not 100% sure but surely this suggest the GPU isn't dying and its something driver related if the card was staying cool and not under heavy load and still crashed down the line (not like it heated up or anything).

Need advice and help pleasee!! Thank you in advance :)


Mar 2, 2021
Hiya thanks for the reply!

OS version is 22H2 and build is 19045.2251

Specs are as follows:

CPU - i7-6700k
MOBO - Asus Z170-A
RAM - 32GB gskil DDR4 @ 3022 MHz
GPU - Zotac gtx 1080 8GB
PSU - 600W Evga bronze +
Have you scanned for malware, and do you have any 3rd party software running in the background, including general taskbar stuff? CCleaner is a good tool but it's mainly for clearing unnecessary registry entries. Malwarebytes is a pretty common malware cleaner that can be used free.


Mar 25, 2010
All your tests only tested the software, the issue may be with the video card or power supply. Only way to test that is to swap in a known good card into your system and/or test your video card in another computer.