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[SOLVED] Help me pick an SSD.


Mar 25, 2014
Hi, I'm building a new PC here using some parts from the old one and adding some new.
Some of he specs are as follow.

CPU : Ryzen 5 3600 (new) with Hyper 212 Black cooler (also new)
Motherboard : (new) B550 not sure of the model yet, most likely MSI Tomahawk
RAM : 8GBx2 DDR4-3200 (new)
Storage : (1) Crucial MX500 500GB 2.5" SATA SSD (from old build)
(2) WD Black SATA 7200 RPM HDD (from old build)
Graphics Card : Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB (from old build)
Power Supply : XFX TS 550W 80+ Bronze (from old build)
(The PSU is quite old, but will upgrade it later along with a new graphics card)
Case : Cougar Brand ATX case (not sure of the model but lots of space and fans) (from old build)
(Also buying new a monitor and some peripherals but I don't think those are relevant here)

After adding the new parts to the budget I have a little bit more fund left.
I think I'd like to add a new M.2 NVMe (Gen 3) SSD into the mix but I can't quite decide which one to pick.
I'll get a 500GB one to use as a system/game drive along with the MX500 i already have as a secondary.
Also I might add another Gen 4 SSD in the future when they are more affordable and have more options to choose from.
So with that in mind, this new SSD could eventually become more of a storage/game drive down the track.
But in the meantime, I also want to have a great performer when it comes to a system drive and application uses.


Anyway, as far as SSD goes, I have "zero" idea how they work or how one is different than the other.
Even when I read some reviews or look at the benchmark numbers, I'm not quite sure what to look for.
So I'd like to ask you experienced folks here about your thoughts and verdict.

I'll list some of the models I have available to choose from.
Price ranges from low to high but they all are within 10$ of each other.

  1. Seagate Barracuda 510 500GB
  2. Corsair MP510 480GB
  3. WB Black SN750 500GB (without heatsink)
  4. Samsung 970 EVO 500GB (price is the same as WB Black)
And if you have some other models to suggest, feel free to add them down below.
Also, please tell me how or why the one you pick is better than the others.

Thank you all in advance.


Mar 25, 2014
Nice, well thank you.

After thinking it through I think this is almost a silly question.
I mean Samsung 970 EVO is probably one of the most popular drives.
And there surely must be some good reasons for that.
For relatively the same price, I think I'll just pick it then.