Question help! my c: drive space got decreased everytime i play a heavy game!

Apr 14, 2020
i recently bought a simulator game named ttal tnk simu*ator.
everytime i play that game, it takes more than 9 gb space on the c: drive making me having low FPS!
this is not the first time. this also have happened previously. but this one game takes big space

now the point is:
how do i solve this? maybe there is a hidden file somewhere in the C: drive?
how do i relocate it safely?

thank you for helping!
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Its not a very old game, it could be a bug as well -

Game needs 8gb of ram, its almost like the 9gb it uses and then gives back is the page file growing while you play game. How much ram do you have?


We have adjusted our system requirements from further testing and feedback, to more accurately represent minimal sufficient gameplay.

CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K
Gfx: NVidia 960
Dysk: SSD
CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K
Gfx: NVidia 1060
Apr 14, 2020
i played similar games that require better spec for the minimal graphic and it only take 1 or 2 GB of space when i'm playing on medium graphic.

my spec:
core 2 duo e7400 (it doesn't seem to be a problem because i got 30-40 FPS before the game started to take space)
GT 730 GPU
4 GB of ram
500 GB HDD 7200 RPM

oh, so there is no hidden files that store data when i'm playing in the C: drive?


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oh, so there is no hidden files that store data when i'm playing in the C: drive?
Yes, there is, the page file. It is the alternative slow memory source windows has to use if the PC runs out of actual ram. It is not ideal, as the hard drive is SO much slower than actual ram that WIndows 10 tries to avoid using it at all costs. If you close a program during the day, windows, instead if writing that info back to hdd, compresses the data into ram so that if you open program again, it doesn't have to get it off hdd. But if a program needs all the ram, windows will write the compressed data onto page file

Windows can shrink itself down to tiny amounts and still work, but there is only so far it can go. And it gets really slow if its running off page file.

How slow does it run the game? Your pc has half the minimum ram needed to play so the only way the game could be running is off the page file. Since maximum size of page file can be 4x times ram amount, that would explain the growth.

4gb of ddr2 ram? How much free ram do you have at idle on desktop?

Are you running 32bit or 64bit?
I would hope 64 or you already missing out on 500mb of ram. If you have 64bit, you really need more ram.

So the space it expands on the hdd is 2x your ram size + possibly whatever else was running on PC before you start game up.

More ram would fix the problem of your hdd losing space every time you play

e7400 is only a few years newer than my last pc. I had a P5N32E-SLI with E6600 CPU. I never contemplated putting Win 10 on it. It didn't even have win 8 drivers.

It could also be a bug in game and might get fixed from their end.
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