Question Help upgrading processor in Pegatron Evans

Feb 15, 2019
Hello, it is going to be my first time upgrading a processor so I want to be sure of all the steps to follow.

Currently this computer has an Intel Core2 Duo E7500 and I'm going to install an Intel Core2 Quad Q9500.
Motherboard: Pegatron Motherboard IPMEL-AE (Evans)

I am a bit unsure about what to take into account when doing it, if I just have to change the old with the new, put the thermal paste and turn on the PC.
For example, I am not sure if I should upgrade BIOS and how to do it and if the current fan will be enough or not.

All the help is welcomed!
Thank you.


Your MB can support the c2q q9500, you can see the cpu upgrade info from the linker you posted. But I can't find more info about which BIOS the MB needs to support the q9500.

And you can boot up the PC to check what BIOS is in your MB, how to

And you need to find the BIOS download from the HP too, because in case the PC will need the BIOS update for the q9500.

Next, remove the cooler and e7500, install the q9500, clean up the old paste on the cooler, then add the new paste ( don't add too much the paste), install the cooler. After that boot the pc, if it will work, you don't have to update the BIOS, if the PC will not boot, you need to update the BIOS, assuming the q9500 works fine.


Apr 29, 2018
it does work i installed a Q9500 on my HP 8000 ELITE CMT
i had Core 2 Duo E7500
i removed the CPU cooler then the CPU installed the Q9500, cleaned the thermal paste from the cooler than i added a dot thermal paste arctic silver 5 turned on the PC and it was done no problems but after that i installed a new copy of windows (formatted PC)
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