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Question [HELP] Why Default FTP Server IP keeps changing (IIS)?


Mar 24, 2019
I have made my HDD, a FTP server with the help of Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager App which comes default with windows. When I turn on my pc, the server starts up, and I can access my files through wifi (router). I just have simply set it up so anonymous users can join. So people with my wifi access can join. I only use it for copying and deleting data from my phone. I do not have a Laptop.
I have noticed I can change the port but I can't change the ip to anyother than the one windows keeps as default which was

Now the thing is, I've noticed for the past few days, I can't randomly connect to the ftp. So, I check the binding dropdown and sure enough it has changed to at the last. It was also 106 a few days ago.
After, making it 105 (the new default), I can connect to the site albeit by changing the ip.

Why is it changing randomly? It's not related to restarts either. Somedays I restart and still can access the old ip. And it just changes randomly, it's such a nuisance to change it for every single ftp I have. I don't think it's a router issue, because I can temporarly fix it without going to router settings.
How can I fix this changing issue? Do you have any other local FTP recommendations which are better than this setup? Because this doesn't seem like the best setup.