Help with fan noise

Hello hayesreddoch;

Model # of that Rosewill fan?
If you have it connected to the PSU directly it's going to run at full speed all the time.

To get the fan quieter - its going to have run slower (and move less air).
You can do that with a fan controller. Is your case fan compatible with any of your motherboard fan headers?

Also you could buy a 'fan controller device' or your could add a resistor in the power line so the fan gets less than 12Volts. Examples: 7V and 5V

-> If it's a cheap fan you might be better off getting a better (& quieter) fan.


Mar 3, 2012

Not sure of the model number but i do know it was like a 8 dollar fan. i have it connected to a 4 pin header on the mobo now but the fan it's self is a 3 pin. any way i can controll speed now?