Question Help with gpu --- new build no display?

Oct 30, 2020
hello thier guys im in need of all of your help ive got a fresh build pc here out of spare components:

asus prime b250m-k
pentium g4560,
nvidia quadro 4000 8gb ram
Aerocool Integrator 500w psu

essentially built the system, its turning on fans are spinning GPU light is green and its fan is spinning, but no display from my gpu when plugged in

What i think are likely problems:

its an old card maybe the drivers of bios are so out of date it doesn't know what to do with ?

i dont have a vga lead to test my onboard graphics could it just be set to that ? (getting a lead today hopefully to rule that out)

the build is mostly second hand parts from ebay etc. but all the sellers swear blind the components work plus the build powers on fine just cant see anything on my display

maybe an issue converting the display port to hdmi, ive read that this can be an issue with some older display port cards?

maybe a broken port ? ive tried the two display ports on the card neither display, thier is however a dvi port ive yet to try but again no lead may buy today to be thorough

any ideas at all please let me know because this build is for my G,F as a gift because she desperately needed a pc to do work on and a little mine craft etc nothing hardcore, but would be nice to get it working for her many thanks all for your time reading this