Question Help with Seagate 8tb external usb hdd in Windows 8 and 10


Apr 19, 2014

I recently started having some trouble with my Seagate 8tb external usb powered hdd: Serial number:NA7HJW9J .

I generally leave my hidden files hidden but was managing some hidden files on a separate internal hdd that were clogging up the drive. I managed to fix the issue with the original hdd but fast forward to today, and now my external hdd will not show up on 3 separate PC's that it would show up on previously. Around the same time that I corrected the issue with the hidden files on the original drive, I believe I may have accidentally deleted some hidden system files that the external drive needs in order to show up on a PC using the external adapter. The reason I believe this is because when I remove the hdd from the external enclosure and connect it directly to the PC with a SATA connection it works just fine. Additionally, I have another Seagate drive that I tested with the SAME enclosure that still works just fine. I have spent several hours trying to track the issue down, and have even gone as far as to try a fresh install of Windows 10 on one of my devices but cannot determine the issue. I have done all of the regular troubleshooting steps on the Seagate Website including deleting hidden usb adapters, editing the registry, trying various different usb ports, etc. There also does not appear to be any sort of firmware that I can download for the hdd on the Seagate website. I am not sure where to go from here but the drive was very useful for backing up data on 3 different computers. If anyone has any idea where I should go from here then any help is appreciated!