Help with Xigmatek Midgard fan installation


Mar 7, 2010
Hi, guys!

I recently bought two 14 cm fans for my new Xigmatek Midgard case. I planned to install one on the side for intake and one on top for blowing air out. But I cannot take the top cover off! I cannot find any screws, I cannot move it even slightly when I pull or push - nothing. Can someone explain to me how I can install a cooler on top of the case? I cannot find any other info elsewhere.

Also, I noticed the airflow from the front intake cooler was extremely weak - I couldn't even feel it at the top speed inside the case. There are hard drive bays right in front of the cooler, so very little air comes through, but creates a lot of noise. I don't see any point of having it there (well apart from the cool lights). It does cool my hard drive a bit, but its temperatures are only 38 C degrees so far and I doubt it will overheat. So removed it (probably I will place it on top or on the side). Is there anything else I should be aware of?
The top panel is not removeable. It is identical to a lot of other cases.

Normally the fans in the top panel should be installed before installing the motherboard and cpu heatsink. You may have to remove them to get access to the interior of the top panel.

The fans are attached to the interior surface of the top panel. Place the fans against the interior of the top panel. Line up the screw holes. Insert screws in the screw holes on the exterior of the top panel. Secure the fans to the top panel.

You would be better off not removing the case fan at the bottom front of the case. The bottom front to top rear airflow is the classic configuration. You could replace the fan with a fan that has a higher rpm and airflow.

Good Luck!

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