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Question High CPU Usage with Low GPU Usage

May 24, 2019
as the title said im wondering why im having High CPU Usage while my gpu itself has low Usage (around 20-30%) while gaming
and it cut my performance im getting like 80 fps in Dota 2 game,i know it called bottleneck but i think my system pretty decent for it to drive my Gpu which is 1660Ti
is it my ram not enough for the game??

my specs :

ryzen 5 1500X
8GB RAM (@2666mhz) Team Elite +
asrock A320M-HDV
Nvidia GTX 1660Ti Zotac AMP
samsung Sata SSD 256GB
Cooler Master MWE 450 Power Supply
500GB Sata HDD Seagate Old model (i dont know if this helps)

All Runing At Stock Speed No Overclock

Any help really Appreciated

My english sucks,its not my main language

and it cut my performance im getting like 80 fps in Dota 2
If you had higher FPS before without changing anything than look at CPU clocks while playing the game to see if your CPU holds the clocks that it should.

A 1660ti should have low usage in this game since it is not very demanding.
Tell us what resolution and what quality you play at though just to be sure.