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Question High CRC Error Count during any hd writing

Dec 18, 2019
The problem is not the sata ports, when I disconect the gpu from the motherboard the hds seems to work perfectly.

I am having a very interesting issue for a while, and I am desperate for help, because I really have no clue what is happening.
I just bought an 480gb Kingston SSD, and it started acting weird. I could only copy a few archives into it before getting a fatal error message from windows, preventing me from continuing. I could normally read everything on it, but couldn't write. I tested on another computer, and it was running perfectly fine, amazing read and write speeds. Which goes back 7 months before, when my 1Tb Seagate HDD suddenly started acting just like that, it would read everything in it, but would get stuck on writing. I tried many tests with HD Tune, and as it turns out, the CRC Error Count number on this HDD is unbeliavable high (standing at 1847638 right now), and it keeps increasing when I run a write speed test. In both hds the writing speed keeps getting stucked, with very high response time (I saw it going to 200000ms in some cases). The weird thing is, only one hd works on it, and that is the slowest, which I have been using since I bought the motherboard, nothing else seems to work. Of course, I tried everything, I changed cables, changed ports, even ram, processor, and disconnected the gpu just in case there was a power supply problem, and the unique clue I got is that one sata port is working better than the others, which is the port I always used for one HD, the newer ssd and hdd works in that port, but still very poorly, but nothing comparable to the other ports it seems. And yes, I did install a clean windows version many times, in different hds, and I can only do it on the port that works better, but at this point I can't even claim that the problem is the port, since my oldest hdd works fine on them, while the newers hds don't. It seems like my motherboard can't handle sending information to write at very high speeds, it works quite well on the first minutes running it, but after awhile the CRC Error Count starts increasing again. I did not find anything like this on the internet. so creating this post is my last hope.

The hds mentioned:
465GB Seagate ST500DM0 (0 CRC Error Count)
931GB Seagate ST1000DM (1847638 CRC Error Count)
480gb Kingston SSD (Not installed right now, but has some CRC Errors)

I am using an very old setup right now.
ASRock N68-S3 FX
AMD FX 8300
8gb Dual Channel RAM (I tried with 12gb)
GTX 650 TI Boost
EVGA 500w Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro 64Bits

Additional notes:
I did update the BIOS after the problem started.
I did install a clean windows version many times.
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