High latency only in games



Hi there,

I am currently having problems with high ping in games and was just wondering if anyone had any clues on any potential fixes. Recently I have moved into a new house and have Virging Media 10Mb fibre optic broadband currently installed. I am connecting to the router using a Belkin 150n wireless USB adapter which reads the connection strength as full bars (although the router is in a room underneath me)

What currently happens is that if I play a game it will be in general ridiculously laggy or will have sudden spikes of lag. What is that if i ping servers using the steam desktop client under the 'servers' tab it will ping fine, generally under 30ms for all my favourite servers. However, if I enter a game such as Team Fortress 2 and then ping the servers the ping jumps to around 300ms-1500ms and sometimes they don't respond at all.

I used a netgraph and it has a high choke rate but I am not really clued up to what this means.

I have also used WLAN optimiser which hasn't done anything.

Does anyone know what may fix this? Could this be a port issue? Is it a problem with wireless gaming in general?

This computer worked fine on my old router with a wired connection a day ago so it's not viruses or the like.

Thanks alot to anyone that responds


Sep 10, 2010
Try forwarding the appropriate ports to your computer that you use for gaming:


You also need to make sure that the computer that you are forwarding the ports to has a static ip address. If you don't use a static ip when forwarding the ports, you will get a different ip when your dhcp is set to refresh and then the ports would still be forwarded to the original ip, which you don't have anymore.



Thanks for the reply. I have forwarded all the ports but this doesn't seem to have done anything to alter it.

Anyone have any ideas? The key to this problem i think is that the steam client pings fine from the desktop but NOT in game, what could this mean?