Apr 30, 2011
just looking to build a server for something to stream HD movies to multiple tvs around my house and access it through my mobile phone.
What are the kind of specs will i need for it to be able to stream them fluently? budget around 1000 NZD
so far i have come up with this:
i5 3570
asus p8- h77-M-LE
8gb kingston ram 1600mhz
3tb seagate baracuda 7200rpm
coolermaster centurion 5 as the case.
Corsair 550W VS550- i've got this much power because i might want to add a graphics card later to game on but i read a server doesnt require a graphics card?

Will this do the trick as a server? anything wrong with it? i know my stuff about gaming pc but servers is all new to me.

thanks for any replies
I will admit outright I also only really know gaming/editing machines, this isnt my strongpoint.

I know that when it comes to NAS (network Array Storage) machines the CPU doesnt have to be all that powerful. A much bigger emphasis is placed on the Network Interface Card, which will have to be somewhat strong to stream movies to multiple machines.
Have a look at the NAS build thread at the top, those are what you should be looking at.
This may help as well.